Saturday, January 24, 2009

Today was my first day driving in France!

Driving in Paris is quite an experience. It only took one minute on the road when I first arrived that they drive very differently than we do back in San Diego. However, it wasn't until tonight while having dinner with a couple I met last week from Germany that it was officially confirmed for me how different it truly is.
Philip and his wife Alex were in California two weeks ago in LA and this was Philip's statement about driving in the wonderful state of California, where we are all widely known for our great driving. "I love driving in the states, everyone is so nice, there is no rush, and you can just drive and be free." I literally almost dropped my fork onto my plate as the words were coming out of his mouth.
Sad but true. Compared to driving in France- L.A is a great place to drive.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Coffee and Rain...hmmm

Coming to Paris I imagined that it would rain- all the time. Though it is always cloudy- it hardly rains. Today it is raining for a longer than 5 minutes. This makes me very happy. At this moment I am listening to the continual patter of rain against my office window. I only wish I had a window wiper to allow me to watch the down pour.

At 4:00 everyday I get a cold and go to the kitchen and make a cup of instant decaf coffee to warm me up. But a moment ago while making my coffee it warmed me up inside; knowing that people at home were doing the exact same thing! If I were at home right now I would be getting ready to wake up and take the left over coffee from my mom's pot or head to starbucks before work. If either of those didn't work out, I would wait for 9:00 am to come around and walk to the breakroom with Brigitte and get a cup of joe there. So today I am warming up, while each of you wake up!

Good morning! Rise and Shine!
This cups for you.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Paris Day 5

It’s hard to believe that 5 days ago I packed my bags and moved to Paris. If that wasn’t the name of my destination I am not all too sure I would know that is where I was. I may think I was in a American town on the east coast, the only real difference is the unrecognition of language. The people are pleasant, the weather is cold, and the roads are tight – but not too heavy in traffic.

Each night I am moved from location to location almost like musical chairs until I land into my apartment. I am grateful for the welcoming I have received here. Everyone has been extremely hospitable. It is to my own resistance when something is not welcomed. Not that I have become introverted by any means, however hesitant, still taking in the reality that this is a move, not just a visit.

Work is great when it’s happening. Currently I have been trying to get my internet to work for the last hour an a half. I have finally given up and decided to type this blog instead. In my office I have a window! I never thought that would make a big difference but it sure does! Even in the winter where my view is of gray skys, bare trees, and planes flying off into the distance- I can only imagine how beautiful it will be come spring, bright blue skys filled with scattered fluffy clouds, trees full of vibrant colors and life, and planes heading off to fantastic vacations.

I keep reminding myself that this is all part of the adventure- yet I still feel like there is SO MUCH MORE to explore to be a part of and to take on. I am excited to be settled and to have my apartment set up. Once that is all established I would like to know the inner workings of my town, take the train in the city of lights, and meet people who are wandering the city similar to me, and engage with people who make this place home.

Even in the lowest moments of wanting to be back home, I am constantly aware of how fourtunate I am to be in this place, to have these experiences, and learn these lessons. It’s so exciting to daily learn how an entire people group does the exact same thing as americans but in a competely different way and that it works for them.

I have always known I love my friends and family but now more than ever before I know the details of how much I care for each special person that is a part of my life. Relationships that will be treasured for a life time, and those I was devastated to lose I now know that I will be okay without. This world is large and I am so fourtunate to have the opportunity to become close friends with so many all around the world while keeping those closest to me at home, tucked safe and warm within my heart.

So this is what Paris is like. For the beginning. Bonjour Paris- Ce La vie.