Thursday, January 6, 2011

Illuminating into 2011

This year my roommate and I decided to leave grand ol’ Paris and go across the canal to the great land of London! We spent two days taking in the sites, eating delicious pub food, and walking around the streets.

I had such a great time and know that it was just the beginning of all the great things that are ahead for 2011! I made some observations on how what took place as we rung in 2011 is a foreshadowing of what is to come in the year ahead.

First- We were in London. And what is my favorite thing about London… THEY SPEAK ANGLAIS! English! English! English! So much English to be heard all around. This year I will be transitioning back to the United States, where they also speak English, being in London was perfect to readjust my ears to the English language and a great reminder of the change that is up ahead in the year to come.

One of the greatest things about being in a place where you are fluent in the language, is that you can speak to whoever you want to. And understand everything being said to you, Or… about you as the case maybe. On our way to Westminster a group of friends on entered the underground and while standing talking amongst one another, one of them made the comment, and ended the sentence with, “Stupid Americans.” My roommate and I laughed, and he turned and asked, “You’re American aren’t you?” We then had a five minute conversation comparing the highs and lows of Americans, Italians, the British and the French- all in good fun and humor. After some friendly banter we exited the Underground and walked away with a fun brief conversation with a complete stranger we’ll never see again. I miss having these small interactions. We had so many small insignificant conversations, over our time, but each one filled me with glee. I can’t wait to start having these interactions consistently again this year.

We decided we wanted to ring in the New Year with the firework display London puts on by the London Eye. We stood on the bridge right in front of Big Ben facing the London eye and waited for the show to begin. As we waited we made lots of friends with the people around us and danced to the music playing over the speakers. I think this year with all the changes ahead, I am most looking forward to the new people I will meet, and even more spending time with those friends so near and dear to me and all the fun we will have fun together.

At the stroke of midnight with the chimes of Big Ben ringing, the sky lit up with a 10 minute firework show sparkled the sky. As I enter to this new year- while I don’t know exactly what will all take place with year, I am sure it will be like a firework show, new and exciting, moving forward and illuminating my life with great things ahead.

I am looking forward to this year ahead and all the places that it will take me. I had a great time with my roommate in London for New Years, and I can’t wait to see all the great things that this next year has to bring!!!

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Katie said...

Stopping by from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop! I love your blog for two reasons: My name is also Katie and I think it is amazing that you are spending time in Europe. I have to follow you now so I can live vicariously through your fun times..... Keep the fun stories coming and Happy New Year!