Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year- New Changes

There have been lots of people this week asking, “so, what’s your new years resolution?” New Years resolution!?!?! What? How can I possibly be expected to make a new years resolution. A choice to make something new and different with my life, like spend less money, work out more, floss, when I know that this year, I must decide the rest of my life! So many changes are on the horizon I possibly cannot fathom coming up with another conscious choice of change.

The official countdown to me leaving France has begun. Dun nun nun nuuuuu.

I will be moving back to the United States on March 31st. That’s 3 months, 12 weeks, 84 days, 11 hours, 56 minutes and 52 no 51, wait 50, okay 49 seconds.

I remember the times with I longed for my departure to be this close. And now that second by second it is getting closer and closer I am overwhelmed with the idea of leaving. When I left the states I was not really sad to be leaving, but excited for the new adventure I was about to embark upon. I knew that my friends and family- while I would missing them greatly, would be there. However, with Leaving France, I know that once I board my final flight out of Charles De Gaulle and head for San Diego, that I am not just leaving my home that will always be there, but leaving a chapter of my life.

While parting with France is heartbreaking, for I have truly fallen in love with the country, people, and my life here. I am curious to see what is around the corner and all the God has in store for me next. Will I return to the states and find a job? Love? A place to live?

My first year here in France I was given my dream job, travel, conference planning, learning French- but what will I do next? I literally have no idea. I wish I had a direction to go in next, and maybe I have some ideas, but none of them quite seem practical. How do you move forward, when you don’t know where you are to go?

Oh Paris, the land of Romance, love, where every girl who walks along the cobble stone roads falls passionately in love with the charming French men. BLAH! While the city it’s self is romantic and charming, the men are what I refer to as poodles. Much too small for liking. And while they are all persistent, in the summers they also tend to smell, unless they are the kind that take longer than me to get ready. So while I haven’t found the love of my life here in France I am hopeful to find a boy back home.

While my parents truly have won the greatest parents awards over and over and over again these last two years in being so supportive of me, I know that living in their home is not the support I will need for a life time. Moving back, I am so thankful they have offered to let me stay at their place, but I don’t want to over stay my welcome and need to find a place to live, before it expires there.

There is lots of change on the horizon in the year ahead. I am really hoping that I land on my feet, back in California. That the sunshine brings with it, the fulfillment of a great job and a great man to spend the rest of my life with. I feel that the choices and paths that I take this next year, could directly impact the rest of my life. And that reality- is both invigorating and terrifying.


Anonymous said...

Once again you have blown me away with your blog. You're blessed with many gifts. In time God will show you what he has planned for you!
Until that time, and always you have a place to stay. Unless of course Mom converts another bedroom for "James Stetson"!
See you soon
Love ya

Ashly said...

awww, to your dad's comment. he's write you are truly gifted with the art of writing!!! I know a place you can stay....I even know someone who is willing to give up her bed and closet space.