Wednesday, December 29, 2010

12 months in one Post.

While I am daily aware that I am not posting, it wasn’t until today while talking with my roommate that I realized how much I am missing by not blogging. Writing me memories down here has been so great for me in helping me process my time, a time keeper of memories, and a journey to share with everyone.

I was looking through a daily 14 year old French News paper I received called L’actu- to help my French. Today’s paper was the typical paper that comes out at the end of the year that went over all of the important events that have taken place in the last year. I became sentimental thinking of all the great things that have happened this year, and then the roomie and I decided to do a play by play through the months.

The only problem was… I couldn’t remember any of them. Ugh. And all I could think was, “if only I had fully kept my blog updated like I did the first year, I could remember much easier.” This is the fault of me alone. Literally. Because you readers have been great at reminding me to continue to post or asking for more posts.

So I am going to try to give a brief re-cap of the big moments that occurred for me this year to see what I can remember. Rather than the lessons learned on a whole that are sure to be posted sooner or later.

January- the hardest month of my existence here in France- lost my wallet, crashed a car that I couldn’t fix, and bills pilled up and no cards to get money from. Ugh.

February- Headed to Spain where I realized I was NORMAL. I met lots of 20-somethings serving around the world like me, who interacted with cultures that weren’t American and had many of the same struggles no matter where they were placed. oh and they carried small bibles, wore rainbows, and carried re-useable waterbottles. Apparently marks of our generation.

March- Trip to Lebanon and Jordan. Fell in love with the people there, and so greatful to work with such incredible people.

April- YEA! A Roommate and a 20-something in France with me. I got to laugh hard once again- and about nothing at all.

May- After a year and a half of being apart- my two Besties came to visit and a boyfriend too. (not mine, my best friends boyfriend.) So great to hangout with them and show my life to them. Realized it’s normal to get overwhelmed by foreign things as I coached them through life and driving in France. Oh and stayed in the most smelly hotel. Literally like sleeping in a porter potty. Uck.
My friends leave and world cup begins! It was a fiasco for the French but a blast for me and my friends.

June- VISITORS. The roommate had 7 people at once overlapping with a visit from my mama and her Sistas. The Sistas were crazy as ever, but the French just simply adored them and their free loving nature. We went to the south of France, stayed in a B&B, where the heat bug made lots of noise, but its okay cause they stop when it’s below 25 degrees Celsius which happens around 9:00 at night. We also got lost on many small dirt roads thanks to Lola.

July- Yea USA!!! In the middle of July I packed my bags and headed home for my first real trip back to the states since arriving in France. I first stopped in Texas, and saw a wonderful family friend, and enjoyed the “everything is bigger in Texas” way of life. After a few days of hot hot hot heat, I headed to Cali- the land of friends, family, sand, and sunshine!

August- Man what a great month this was! Meeting with Supporters, nightly fires at Kevin and Bob’s, catching up with friends, and best friend hangouts ever week. Every convenience I have ever loved, back in my life, but mostly so thankful for all the loved relationships I have there.

September- Back to my Wonderland. I headed back to Paris, unsure why, but never happier to return. Re-entry to Paris was greater than I expected and the best decision I ever made. The new Stint Team of 5 people arrived and I was busy busy busy helping them adjust. I fell in love with my new teammates and so happy that all of my crazy experiences came turned into knowledge, to help them navigate living in France.

October- Crazy month of work. A last minute trip to Orlando, where I received training that will hopefully help me throughout my life. I loved the training, and am now curious to see how it will be used from here.
Quickly followed by a Two week conference in Turkey. 3 conferences all at the same time. Chaos. But loved every second of sunshine the country was able to offer. Which was essentially only seen during meals. All in all I think I was in my apartment 2 days this month.

November- Was still in Turkey for part of this month. Returned and Thanksgiving was on the horizon.I think there were 3 thanksgivings in 3 days. In France. I don't think I have ever had that many in America in one weekend. And our Turkey's were brought in from the states- love those butterball turkeys. yum.

December- A team trip to Switzerland. Yes 7 people in a car the size of a Toyota, Corolla. With sleeping gear. You do the math. It was cramped.
Oh how I love the holidays. We made cookies for our neighbors, and I once again was given the gift of spending Christmas with the greatest French family in Bourges des Comptes. I love this family and am so blessed to share special days with them.


Anonymous said...

Yeah for the new blog... I too have missed them.
Love ya....

Aunt Debbie :0)

Village Quilter said...

Love you, Katie! Thank you for the recap--evnen though I've been around for most of it : )

Anonymous said...

awesome blog, do you have twitter or facebook? i will bookmark this page thanks. jasmin holzbauer

Ashly said...

love your blogs and especially LOVE YOU!